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, COVID-19/Coronavirus | Statista, Wholesale: Personal Protective Equipment Store

COVID-19/Coronavirus | Statista

, COVID-19/Coronavirus | Statista, Wholesale: Personal Protective Equipment Store


Facts and Figures

COVID-19 is the official name for the coronavirus disease 2019. The disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which had not previously been identified in humans. The outbreak has been declared a global pandemic: nearly one million people have been infected with the virus. There is currently no treatment for the disease, and health systems around the world are becoming overstretched. Pharmaceutical companies and research groups are racing to develop an effective vaccine.
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Detailed information on the countries most impacted by the pandemic

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Statista Covid-19 Daily Survey Results

Statista’s COVID-19 Daily Barometer measures the mood, attitudes and economic impact of the virus on citizens from 4 of the world’s major markets. This continuous survey is updated on a daily basis, allowing business decision makers to stay ahead of the curve during the global pandemic.

DossierPlus series on all important aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic

The following series of DossierPlus presents the most important information and the latest updates on the global COVID-19 outbreak. Based on the most current data available, the DossierPlus include the main characteristics of the pandemic as well as its political and economic effects.

Economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

As the pandemic is running its course, increasing attention is being paid to the potential economic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. Already, the pandemic has caused whole industries, such as travel and tourism, to be negatively affected. It has also led to delays in the shipment of goods, the cancellation of major sports events and concerts, the postponement of film releases, the cancellation of flights, and declines in the stock market. Even though the full impact of COVID-19 on the global economy is difficult to predict, the reports below explore and discuss the possible economic repercussions of the pandemic.

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