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, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for …, Wholesale: Personal Protective Equipment Store

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for …

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for Community Health Centers

NACHC’s novel coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) resource page is a hub for information Community Health Centers can use to strengthen readiness efforts and educate their communities.

NACHC has curated FAQs relevant to health centers. Responses may include links to additional resources or the best-gathered information from subject matter experts. Read them here.

Updated 4.20.2020

, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for …, Wholesale: Personal Protective Equipment Store

Latest Updates:

CDC Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Burn Rate Calculator

Expanded Document on Financial Resources – Now Includes Summary of HHS Grant Funding

NACHC has updated and expanded its

document outlining financial resources for health centers, PCAs, and HCCNs during the COVID-19 pandemic

.  This expanded document now has a section on HHS grant funds, including 330 funds and the $100 billion fund.  Other sections address the Paycheck Protection Program, Emergency Paid Leave, Main Street Loans, Economic Injury Disaster Loans, FEMA assistance, unemployment, Federal tax credits and deferrals, and advanced Medicare payments.

FCC Accepting Applications to Support Telehealth

The FCC’s new $200 million program related to COVID-19 will allow eligible providers – including health centers – to apply for up to $1 million each “to purchase telecommunications, information services, and connected devices to provide connected care services in response to the coronavirus pandemic.” Applications can be filed through a dedicated application portal, which will be available begining Monday, April 13 at 12 pm ET on the COVID-19 Telehealth Program page at

. An explainer video will be posted on the FCC’s website on Monday. Questions regarding the application process should be directed to


Learn more.

NACHC Requests Additional Support for Look-Alikes and Health Centers with Over 500 Employees

Understanding the Supply Chain and Strategic National Stockpile

Letter to Small Business Administration about Prioritizing Paycheck Protection Program Loans to Health Centers

NACHC has written to the SBA Administrator regarding statutory language that requires the SBA to prioritize PPP applications received from health centers. The letter highlights the statutory expectation that priority be given to applicants that serve underserved communities, and/or are governed by individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds; it then demonstrates how health centers meet both these requirements.  The letter is written so that health centers can attach it to their PPP applications.

The letter is available here


NACHC Requests that HHS Immediately Provide Health Centers with Funding from $100 Billion Emergency Fund

COVID-19 Scams

Health centers should be aware of several scams circulating related to COVID-19.

Learn more.

Health Center COVID-19 Networking Group

NACHC has launched a Community Health Center Networking Group via the online platform Noddlepod which:

  • consolidates the broad range of information on COVID-19 from many different sources (e.g., BPHC, CMS, NACHC, ECRI) in a single location where you can quickly find information on a specific topic
  • enables members to share information and questions quickly

To access this Noddlepod site, email

Section 1135 Waivers: Elements Necessary for FQHCs in Response to COVID-19

A host of states are currently pursuing Section 1135 waivers to respond to the COVID-19 public health emergency. Potential actions included in these waivers seek to address workforce, facilities/alternative site locations, telehealth and Medicaid/CHIP flexibility. NACHC has prepared the following document to provide more information on these efforts.

Read it here.

CDC Update

At noon on Monday, April 13 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 554,849 cases of COVID-19 from 50 states, and the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 6,515 of these cases are travel-related; 13,341 are believed to be person-to-person spread, and for the remaining 534,933 the source of exposure is still under investigation. Learn more.

Información de CDC sobre COVID-19 ahora disponible en español. COVID-19 materials are now available in Spanish.


, Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Resources for …, Wholesale: Personal Protective Equipment Store

Date Webinar  Registration Link/Recording Resources
Friday, April 17

3:30-4:30 PM ET

Finance Office Hours for Health Centers: Strategies to Manage Operations During COVID–19 A recording will be available soon.  
Thursday, April 16

1:00-2:00 PM ET

Leading in the Crisis: Flattening the COVID-19 Curve

Managing Financial Insecurity During a Crisis

Webinar Recording COVID-19 Health Center Response Slides

Grants, Loans, and Other Cashflow Options for Health Centers, PCAs, and HCCNs during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Payment Reimbursement Tips: FQHC Requirements for CMS Virtual Communication Services

Thursday, April 9

1:00-2:00 PM ET

Leading in the Crisis: Flattening the COVID-19 Curve

Planning, managing, and caring for the agricultural, homeless, and mobile populations
Webinar Recording


NCA Partners with COVID-19 Resources

Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center Slides

Wednesday, April 8

3:30-4:30 PM ET

Cashflow Options for Health Centers with More Than 500 Employees Slides

Cashflow Options for CHCs with More Than 500 Employees

Tuesday, April 7

2:00-3:00 PM ET

COVID-19 & FTCA (Office Hour) Recording


Thursday, April 2

1:00-2:00 PM ET

Leading in the Crisis: Flattening the COVID-19 Curve- Planning, Managing and Caring for the Workforce Now and in the Future Webinar Recording


NHSC and Nurse Corps COVID-19 Flexibility FAQs
Thursday, March 26, 2020

1:00-2:00 PM ET

Leading in the Crisis: Flattening the COVID-19 Curve – The Science, Finances, Workforce, and New Models of Care Webinar Recording

Webinar Transcript

Interim Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for Dental Settings During the COVID-19 Response

Potential Impact of COVID-19 on Scenic Rivers Health Services

Louisiana Department of Health Flyer – COVID-19: 15 Days to Slow the Spread

Teche Action Clinic Flyer Announcing Telehealth/ Pharmacy Delivery Services

Thursday, March 19, 2020

2:00-3:00 PM ET

Telehealth and COVID-19 Toolkit Roll Out  Webinar Recording


Thursday, March 19, 2020

1:00-2:00 PM ET

Health Centers, Flattening the COVID-19 Curve: National Partner Update  

Webinar Recording


Friday, March 6, 2020 Prepare Not Panic: COVID-19 CDC Update and the Health Center Response Webinar Recording


Transcript (English)

Transcript (Spanish)

Practical Steps & Best Practices from Asian Health Services

Sample Patient Under Investigation (PUI) Incident Protocol for COVID-19

Sample Organizational Planning Checklist for COVID-19

Sample Provider Protocol for COVID-19

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

Learn more about COVID-19, including symptoms, prevention, and more by visiting the CDC website (English/ Spanish).


HRSA’s FAQs include requirements and expectations for health centers, information on how to prepare for a surge in patient load, guidance for Primary Care Associations and more. The FAQs are available here.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS’) FAQs include information on diagnostic lab services, physician services, hospital services and more. Read them here. CMS also developed FAQs addressing concerns related to COVID-19 for people with HIV. The FAQs are available here.

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released FAQs to help people understand who is eligible to enroll in coverage, available here.

Emergency Management Resources

Provider Resources

Operations Resources

Regulatory Guidance 

Health Insurance Enrollment Resources

Health Center Board Resources

Please refer to the FAQs at the top of this page for FAQs related to health center boards.

Resources for Health Centers with Eldery Populations and PACE Programs

Community Resources

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